Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kirkland Tap & Trotter

Brunch at Kirkland Tap and Trotter is rather unique and VERY filling. The menu is pork and sausage heavy, light on the eggs, and offers plenty to satisfy the sweet tooth as well the bloody mary craving.

So after the bloodys with a zesty house made mix and assorted pickled vegetables arrive - a gooey, fluffy, sticky bun ($5) is the best way to get the meal started. From there we feasted on thick cut Brioche French Toast ($16) with a rhubarb compote, a side of juicy breakfast sausages ($6) and a beautiful and immensely flavorful Peasant's Hangover Helper ($16) which is a sausage and navy bean soup, complete with a poached egg and grilled bread. Post brunch, plan for a stroll. Harvard Yard isn't far up the road and it's a nice way to walk off a heavy meal. 

*everything was complimentary, all opinions are my own*

Kirkland Tap & Trotter
425 Washtington St
Somerville, MA 02143
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